AudienceView Accelerates Growth, Welcomes New Clients in College Athletics, Campus Communities and Performing Arts

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – August 15, 2016AudienceView, a world leader in e-commerce software for sports, events and entertainment organizations, has achieved continued momentum in 2016, with growth fuelled by numerous new customers and contract renewals.

“Organizations across the entertainment industry are turning to AudienceView to achieve their business objectives with our innovative, high-performing customer-engaging platform,” said Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView.  “Technology plays an extremely important role in the overall customer journey and we are proud that our solution is creating efficiencies, driving revenue and bringing fan engagement to a new level through one-of-a-kind experiences.”

Among AudienceView’s newest clients are the athletics departments at Troy University and Northeastern University – two programs that want to be more innovative with their fan offerings and better monetize their passionate communities.

Troy has replaced a fragmented system (that included multiple databases and spreadsheets) with AudienceView, which will power all of Trojans ticketing and donor management operations.

The box office team at Northeastern will use AudienceView for all events and athletics across campus, including 18 varsity sports at the Division I level.

“With AudienceView, schools and organizations of any size or type can be innovative with what they offer and how they communicate – from the moment a fan first begins looking for a ticket to long after the event,” said Jonathan Tice, Vice President of Global Sales for AudienceView.  “Our platform and methodology makes it possible to turn guests you don’t know into fans you do know.  By analyzing them, organizations can provide more compelling offers based on fan preferences and behavior, which increases relationships, revenue and loyalty.”

In suburban Chicago, AudienceView is now the technology partner of three popular venues run by the Aurora Civic Center Authority – the 84-year-old historic Paramount Theatre, RiverEdge Park and Copley Theater.  As a showcase partner, Paramount plans to leverage every aspect of the AudienceView solution to reimagine the customer experience and support ongoing growth.  These integrated capabilities include ticketing, e-commerce operations, in-venue sales, fundraising, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, content management and more.

Jefferson Live!, the umbrella producing company for the historic Cascade Theatre of Redding, California and Holly Theatre of Medford, Oregon, selected AudienceView as its new multi-venue technology partner.  The Cascade Theatre is now live and AudienceView will launch at the Holly Theatre once its historic renovation project is complete.

The Palace Theatre for the Performing Arts in Stamford, Connecticut will complete their transition this month from multiple databases to a single solution that puts its patrons at the center of all operations.  In addition to ticketing all events, AudienceView will significantly improve the overall service experience with complete patron records tracking all touch points, automated fulfilment of member benefits, innovative program offerings and fundraising.

“AudienceView’s donor management capabilities are extremely strong,” adds Tice.  “Our platform makes it possible to integrate tightly with the development plans of your main campus or business unit.  This is particularly helpful for colleges, universities and arts organizations that run fundraising programs for student athletes or a special event in parallel with a centralized strategy.”


In recent weeks, renewals for organizations in North America include Salt Lake City’s Hale Centre Theatre, San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.), North Carolina’s Blumenthal Performing Arts and the University of California, San Diego.

Internationally, AudienceView has extended relationships with AFC Bournemouth of the English Football League’s top-tier Premier League, HQ Theatres & Hospitality, the second largest owner and operator of regional theatrical venues in the United Kingdom, SIV, which operates a portfolio of venues that attracts more than four-million customers per year, and the Nationale Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam.

“Our clients are doing amazing things that go far beyond selling tickets.  We are proud to be providing the technology that enables them to engage with customers and monetize them more effectively,” said Michael Bryce, COO for AudienceView.  “Watching so many passionate groups change the overall experience for their customers is extremely rewarding for our team, which remains dedicated to helping entertainment organizations adopt new practices that will grow their businesses today and in the future.”

About AudienceView

AudienceView is a complete entertainment business solutions provider. With over $2 billion in annual transactions, our innovative and engaging software is helping more than 550 venues in 15 countries deliver exceptional shopping, in-venue and customer experiences. The self-serve, e-commerce, ticketing and events management portals enable success for events of all sizes or types.  Learn more at, or connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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Image Credits: AFC Bournemouth, Cascade Theatre, Troy Athletics, Paramount Theatre and Northeastern University

My Journey to Scotland (Part 5) – The EIF Comes to a Close

And then all of a sudden, it was the last week of the Festival!

Here at the EIF, we are continuing to have many performances each day and preparing for our final event, the Virgin Money Fireworks Concert, which happens on Sunday night.  This annual closing event draws 15,000 people from all over the city and the world to celebrate and mark the end of the summer Festival season that Edinburgh is known for. The concert by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra features classical music played from Princes Street Gardens and a spectacular fireworks display from the Castle.

We at Hub Tickets and EIF have been preparing for weeks for the big closer. When we went live with AudienceView, we decided to utilize the print-at-home ticket option to allow customers to have a better experience by printing their e-tickets at home and allowing our collection lines to decrease as well.

For the Fireworks Concert, we’re planning for three different entry points at Princes Street Gardens with four scanners at each gate (shout out to fellow AudienceView users Aberdeen Performing Arts – thanks for the letting us rent the additional eight scanners).

The EIF comes to a close this weekend We are scanning at each entrance using Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity. After successfully using this method at our in-house events at The Hub, we are looking forward to using this method on a grander scale. We are also interested in analyzing the data from our scanning – looking at the traffic flow, peak times for people entering, and using the lessons learned to see how we can improve the experience for our attendees next year. There’s a first time for everything and it will be our first experience scanning at the gates – wish us luck!

Our marketing department has been busy preparing for the final event by presenting two interactive activities for people of all ages.

The first on-going activity with the Virgin Money Fireworks Concert is the poster competition. EIF has invited budding young artists between the ages of 5 to 12 to use their imagination and create a Fireworks poster. The exhibit of the winning posters has been displayed at the Virgin Money Lounge in St Andrews Square, and the winners will be able to enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the fireworks set up at Edinburgh Castle, a workshop with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and attend the concert with their family, on the house.

Another really cool and interactive project that our marketing team has developed in concert with the Fireworks event is the Fireworks app. With the app, you can create your own fireworks display to accompany Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture by building a display before the concert and having it ignite, perfectly timed to the music of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra has been out and about promoting the concert with our marketing team – check them out at Waverly train station.

The end of the Festival is near, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops! At Hub Tickets, we’re looking forward to selling tickets for the Celtic Football Club, Scottish Rugby, the Lammermuir Festival, and other events across the city and country.

We have been able to manage our many EIF events with teamwork, communication with our venues and departments in the organization, and a little caffeine doesn’t hurt either – we very much appreciated the Red Bull delivery to the office in Week 3, as it helped us maintain our stamina and carry us forward to the end of the Festival.

If you want to be part of the Fireworks from home, be sure to download the app and follow along on Twitter using #VMFireworks – the fun starts at 9:00PM GMT on Sunday.

About Caroline 

Born in Scotland, raised in South Carolina, work experience in DC, and now living in Scotland again, Caroline Martin has a passion for the arts and entertainment industry with time spent working at universities, festivals, theatres, and museums. Caroline has a BA in Art History and Music (Vocal Performance) and is completing a Masters in Nonprofit and Association Management.  A long time AV user, Caroline has had an interesting journey as part of our community that has taken her career to exciting places, which she is sharing with us over the course of the summer.  

Talking Innovation, Competitive Advantages and the Future of Digital with The Lowry’s Rachel Miller

After spending three years as Head of Ticketing for The Lowry and Quaytickets, Rachel Miller is taking on a new challenge. Promoted in June, she is now Director of Marketing and Communications for The Lowry.

In her new role, Rachel is continuing to unlock value for her organization, which has partnered with AudienceView since 2010 to manage two diverse businesses – theatre patrons at The Lowry and regional customers and clients at Quaytickets – with a single solution.

In a recent interview with AudienceView, Rachel shared her thoughts on innovation and the role data plays in the ever-increasing competition for consumer’s leisure spending. She also offers some advice to current and prospective AudienceView clients, makes a prediction about the future of digital ticketing and shares her idea of a dream vacation!

Name: Rachel Miller

Time in Entertainment Industry: 20 years

Past Organizations: Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG), Live Nation

Dream Vacation Destination: The Seychelles

Why the Seychelles? Looks beautiful, it’s hot and she’s never been. “I love the sun!”

Rachel is a strong believer in innovation and the vital role it plays in all parts of an organization.The_Lowry_logo

“Without innovation, you stand still and you don’t look at things in a new way,” says Rachel. “I think innovation, creativity, entrepreneurialism – they’re all very important aspects of any team, not just a marketing team, not just ticketing, but any organization.”

The ability for organizations to examine their data in real-time and at a deeper level is also important, helping organizations control the overall customer experience, create personalized marketing programs, uncover patterns and connections, understand how customers are engaging and more. Why?

“There are a lot of things competing for people’s spend, so understanding our customer we can really start to direct the right messages to them, we can communicate with them in the right way, we can change the way we market to these people,” Rachel explains. “So rather than a blanket email, we might send five emails out for a show because we use a different language for each of the different customers. You have to really hone down into what that customer needs, what is suitable to their tastes and their requirements as a customer of the organization, and understand how they make the journey through your organization. So let’s say we’re collecting data from the restaurant, the box office, through development and as well as through learning and education. We may have known in the past that they bought a ticket to the show, but now we’re able to say they’ve also eaten with us, they’ve also engaged with us through our learning and education program, they’ve also donated or helped us from a traction perspective. Getting that whole journey, getting that whole picture of the customer really helps us with regards to maintaining a relationship and also hopefully developing a relationship.”

The Lowry and Quaytickets take great pride in their partnership approach with each of their clients. This underlying organizational style is achieving revenue growth while maintaining a personal touch. AudienceView is proud to play an active role.

Lyric Theatre at The Lowry (Photo by David Lake)

Lyric Theatre at The Lowry (Photo by David Lake)

“AudienceView have been extremely supportive of our organization and has really made huge efforts to understand our business and understand how they can support it. They are very much engaged with us, look to understand what our requirements are, look to understand where we are trying to grow our business and have really helped us with regard to how we use the solution,” says Rachel. “I always call out the fact that AudienceView is almost like a dictionary [of available features and functionality] from A to Z. We used to be at about G but I think we’re getting towards M now. There’s always going to be more that the system can do that we don’t know, so by AudienceView understanding our business and understanding our needs they can help us maximize what the system can do for us. I think that has certainly helped us with regard to growth, certainly with the number of clients because of the range of services we can offer. Probably one of the most pointed areas is the ancillary income that we’ve been able to generate also through the ticketing circles, while there’s the purchase of the ticket, add ons and all of the extra ancillary sales and purchasing data that we can do as part of that transaction.”

At Quaytickets, AudienceView “allows us to offer a white-label solution to a number of different clients, so we have upwards of 20 white-label sites. It’s a great service that we supply to our clients,” Rachel explains. “I don’t think that is something that other ticketing providers would be able to offer, that sort of flexibility.”

The Lowry and Quaytickets also place a high value on the stability of the AudienceView solution. Additionally, Rachel describes the data they can extract via Business Intelligence reports as a “huge advantage to us.”

Moving Mountains in Marketing

While it’s still early days in her new role, Rachel sees AudienceView playing an important part in helping to advance The Lowry’s marketing efforts.

Patrons at Lyric Theatre (Photo by Percy Dean)

Patrons at Lyric Theatre (Photo by Percy Dean)

“We’re going to be looking at how we are tracking customers and tracking their transactions a lot more, following the audience patterns through the advertisement or other media that gets the message out about the show through to the person making the transaction. While we use AudienceView at the moment, it’s a case of how we can use it more. I think linking up all the stuff that we are doing from a marketing perspective and seeing the results in our sales is going to be a link that will probably become much stronger.”

Rachel continues, commenting on the fact that they can track every single piece of marketing activity and see the return on investment straight away.

“Being able to add correspondence codes to all of our [marketing] activity so that we can get a return on investment is vital. Putting [codes] into as many different mediums as possible that we’re advertising to is vital. We’re also looking at high frequency and high spend, running reports to look at customer tendencies over a period of time and how those tendencies have been reflected in the amount of spend that they’ve made with the organization and what they are doing when they are here at the building.”

These reporting capabilities are, Rachel believes, critical to help grow a business. Her words of advice to new AudienceView organizations that may wonder how they’ll learn to make use of all this data and functionality? “Don’t be frightened!”

Stressing that the AudienceView user community is warm, welcoming and supportive of its industry colleagues, Rachel offers another piece of advice to current and prospective users.

“Make the very most of things like AVConnect, make the very most of the [Google] Hangouts that you have and speak to other AudienceView users because there is a lot of support…We talk to each other quite regularly, even without AudienceView initiating that, so the network of users as well as AudienceView networks, make the very most of them.”

Bringing our interview full circle, Rachel shared her thoughts on what she hopes digital will bring to the entertainment industry in the future. Beyond Facebook and Twitter, she sees it as something exciting and larger than life.

“One thing that would be lovely to move forward in the future [is] that on the front windows of buildings you’ve got a touch screen where you can look through the season’s guide, see what’s happening and purchase a ticket without even talking to somebody.”

She describes this type of future, saying “it’s big, it’s massive, it’s very impressive,” and adds that the prospect of a practical link between this type of digital initiative and making a purchase is quite exciting.

We couldn’t agree more.

Uepatickets Selects AudienceView

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – April 24, 2014 – AudienceView, a world leader in e-commerce software for events and entertainment organizations, has been selected as the technology partner of Uepatickets and its allies CCN and Movie Max.  Uepatickets plans to use AudienceView to power its services in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

“AudienceView will advance the full service experience for our consumers, changing the way they are informed, choose and buy their entry for events.  It will also be an indispensable tool for producers and Dominican sports teams,” said Fernando Queipo, President, Multipagos Expresos SRL (Uepatickets).  “We are excited to be working with AudienceView as our partner on this project.”

Uepatickets will achieve numerous benefits with AudienceView, including integrated ticketing available online at, by phone and via electronic kiosks.  Tickets will also be made available by Uepatickets directly on Facebook via AudienceView’s AVTiki, allowing consumers to purchase their own seats and reserve others beside them for friends without ever leaving the social media site.  In addition, baseball fans will have the ability to renew their subscriptions for next season and manage their seats online from the comfort of their homes.

“We are excited to welcome the Uepatickets family as an AudienceView partner,” said Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView.  “Consumers in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean will now have the opportunity to purchase event tickets on the device of their choice, whenever and wherever they are.  Together, we are also introducing true social ticketing in the market via AVTiki.  Friends can engage with each other on Facebook and purchase tickets to see shows at the same time, all without ever leaving the social network.  We look forward to a long, successful relationship as Uepatickets moves boldly forward to embrace innovation.”

About AudienceView

AudienceView is a complete entertainment business solutions provider.  Rapidly approaching $2 billion in transactions value each year, our innovative, engaging software is helping more than 550 venues in 15 countries deliver exceptional shopping, in-venue and overall customer experiences.  It also powers self-serve e-commerce, ticketing and events management portals, which can be used for events of any size or type.  AudienceView was founded in 2002 and has received funding from Ventures West 8 Limited Partnership and private investors.  Learn more at, or connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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