Florida State University Arts Launches AudienceView


AudienceView is the new technology partner for the Florida State University (FSU) Fine Arts Ticket Office, within the School of Theatre which manages ticketing and e-commerce for ten campus organizations and departments, ten campus venues, three community organizations, visiting organizations that rent out the facilities and dozens of area venues spanning numerous genres.  FSU is located in Tallahassee, Florida’s state capital.

After an industry-wide search, FSU selected AudienceView for many reasons – among them, that the solution is comprehensive, enterprise-level right out of the box and can be easily configured to sell flexible subscription packages, series and bundles as well as public and student tickets.

AudienceView’s true shopping cart capabilities are highly valued by FSU because of the wide variety of venues and events it operates.  Tickets and donations can also be combined in the same transaction.

Donors can automatically access new benefits and entitlements in real-time after they make a donation or reach a new level of annual giving, even if the donation is still in their shopping cart.

Responsive design allows customers to complete their purchase in just a few clicks using any type of mobile device, then present their mobile tickets at the show or print them at home before the event.  The convenience of e-tickets improves the customer experience and allows FSU to sell ads and sponsorships on their digital deliveries.

All data is managed by a single database, which gives FSU a 360-degree view of patrons, customers and donors.  Data can be used to target email marketing and customize offers, upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on past buying and trends.

AudienceView is also intuitive and user friendly, so training new staff is quick and trouble-free.  This will protect FSU from the inevitable turnover of student workers as they graduate and pursue jobs in their fields.

“AudienceView is an exciting move for the Fine Arts Ticket Office. We service many different clients throughout FSU and the Tallahassee community, which require varying degrees of resources. The ability to securely limit what access users have to the back-end product has revolutionized our office. We now have the ability to give limited access to events and reporting to several departments within the School of Theatre, as well as many of our clients and presenters. We are looking forward to rolling out our subscription season for the first time online as integrated within our ticketing system; something we have not had the ability to do for the last 10+ years,” said Sarah Goodson, Director, Fine Arts Ticket Office. “The transition project team we worked with at AudienceView was absolutely amazing, and the support and relationship team we are working with post transition have been extremely helpful in assisting us in achieving our goals. I am very much looking forward to attending AVConnect with one of my graduate assistants and learning everything we can to help launch us towards a future of utilizing everything this wonderful system has to offer.”

“Our solution is an excellent fit for FSU because it allows the ticketing team to provide options for its specialized and varied constituency. AudienceView is extremely nimble, flexible for ticket sales, packaging and bundling, and easy to configure across all kinds of different events, venues and product needs,” said Jonathan Tice, Vice President, Global Sales at AudienceView.  “A lot goes into creating a great customer experience and we are delighted to be partnering with FSU to accomplish this and more in the years to come.”

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AudienceView Launches at University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music

Announcing one of our newest clients in the arts campus world, the Eastman School of Music; a renowned professional school within the University of Rochester, is now live on AudienceView.

Eastman offers single tickets and subscriptions for its entire schedule of performances.  The purchase process is further enhanced by interactive 3D seat maps from AudienceView’s partner, Ticketing3D.  Now patrons buying tickets can see the view from their seats in a lifelike representation of Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre and other performance spaces.

AudienceView’s core platform is also powering integrated content management, which drives the look and feel of the organization’s online presence, and email marketing, which will enable Eastman to provide a highly personalized service experience.

“AudienceView was the clear choice for our new in-house box office at Eastman Theatre – it created immediate efficiencies while offering opportunities to scale our use of the platform,” said Keith C. Elder, Director of Concert Activities for the Eastman School of Music.  “The integrated content management system is also improving the overall experience for our patrons and allowing us to provide better customer service.  We are delighted to have technology in place that matches the incredible quality of our artistic presentations.”

“We are pleased to welcome the Eastman School of Music to our growing family of North American arts organizations,” said Jonathan Tice, Vice President of Global Sales for AudienceView.  “The AudienceView platform will give the school the ability to engage its audiences in innovative ways and help the school transform their operations with operational efficiencies.  We look forward to a long-term partnership with this passionate community that is so dedicated to preparing students for meaningful careers in music.”

UK’s Marina Theatre Selects AudienceView

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – November 14, 2016AudienceView, a world leader in e-commerce software for events and entertainment organisations, proudly announces its selection as the new technology partner of the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK. Originally opened in the Victorian era, the venue boasts a variety of live entertainment options, including West End musicals, top comedy acts, touring drama and musical productions, opera, dance and concerts. It is one of only two venues outside of London to be granted a prestigious residency of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and annually hosts the largest professional pantomime on the East Anglian coast. The Marina Theatre also operates a successful cinema operation, with the largest screen and film auditorium in town.

“After researching various systems, AudienceView was the obvious choice given its flexibility and overall depth. AudienceView also serves some of the biggest brands in the UK market, so we know we are in very good hands,” said Lee Henderson, CEO of the Marina Theatre. “As an independent charitable arts organisation, we need to work with partners who can help us increase our market share, develop our varied audiences and become more resilient in these ever-changing times, especially in the arts. We are delighted to join the worldwide AudienceView family.”

AudienceView comes complete with robust, tightly integrated features, including ticketing, e-commerce, fundraising, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, content management (CMS) and powerful analytics. This will help the Marina Theatre drive new and incremental revenue, improve the overall customer experience and increase efficiencies.

The Marina Theatre highly values in-house control of the CMS and knowing everything they create will be device responsive, making the online experience user-friendly for mobile, tablet and laptop users. The team also plans to automate its email marketing and reporting so that staff can focus on big-picture strategies.

In-house productions, touring events and resident tenants can be managed by the single solution while maintaining each brand’s unique identity. Defined security levels also make it possible for certain information to be shared while other data remains protected.

“We are committed to helping our clients in the UK and around the world reach the pinnacle of success with their businesses. Through these partnerships, we are helping organisations of all sizes and types increase revenue, create efficiencies and introduce innovations that foster long-term audience engagement, “said Jeff Koets, AudienceView’s Interim Managing Director for the UK. “We look forward to a long and successful relationship with the Marina Theatre team.”

About AudienceView

AudienceView is a complete entertainment business solutions provider. With over $2 billion in annual transactions, our innovative and engaging software is helping more than 550 venues in 15 countries deliver exceptional in-venue and online customer experiences. The self-serve, e-commerce, ticketing and events management portals enable success for events of all sizes or types.  Learn more at, or connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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University of Northern Colorado to Launch AudienceView for Campus Ticketing Operations

AV15-ClientAnnouncement_UNC_710-270-bannerAudienceView has been selected as the new campus-wide ticketing solution for the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) following an extensive, industry-wide RFP procurement process.

The solution will drive traditional and online ticket sales, including integrations with social platforms, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and content management across their performing & visual arts, athletics and student activities campus programs.

“UNC believes in the growth of their e-commerce revenue potential and AudienceView’s dynamic, user-friendly solution is ideally suited to help increase earned revenue and improve the customer experience,” said Maureen Andersen, Vice President of Arts and Entertainment for AudienceView. “We are delighted to welcome UNC to AudienceView’s growing family in Colorado and as another full-campus user of our complete entertainment business solution.”

One-on-One: David Cushing, VP – Ticketing at SHN

David Cushing, VP of Ticketing, SHN

David Cushing, VP of Ticketing, SHN

Based in San Francisco, Shorenstein Hays Nederlander (SHN) is a market-leading theatrical entertainment organization that brought its ticketing operations and e-commerce in-house when it moved to AudienceView in 2010. Since then, David Cushing and his team have had complete control over pricing strategy, fees and all related revenue sources. We spoke with David to get some insight into the difference this control has made for SHN and how it aligns with their organizational goals.

AV: When SHN moved to AudienceView, one of the main drivers was to be able to control your pricing strategy and structure. What made SHN decide to take control?

David: One of the main drivers was to get everything back in-house, under our own control, across the board and that included our customers. We really wanted to customize customer service because previous to 2010, which is when we came over to AudienceView, the focus on customer service had kind of gone by the wayside, not only in the ticketing industry but pretty much across the board in many, many businesses. SHN has been able to develop pricing that is more customer-friendly and allows staff to focus on customer service. The flexibility to take a whole new approach in this area allows SHN to cover costs, but it also creates a revenue stream for us to provide deeper, more engaged, proactive service to our customers. The process that brought SHN to AudienceView involved establishing why we charge service fees, how this is communicated to the customer and how it impacts SHN’s bottom line.

AV: What was SHN’s final deciding factor to go with AudienceView?

David: We liked the product. We especially liked the people. One of the things for us, and I think for any good business decision, is you’re not only looking at what the company has to offer you. You’re also looking at the mindset and culture of the company because you are creating a new relationship. While we wanted to have flexibility and functionality within the product, we also wanted to be with people that we respected and wanted to partner with.

AV: How do you determine what fees to charge on your tickets?

David: First, we establish what SHN needs to support its operation. Then, we consider what is fair to the customer. Finally, we research the broader market to arrive at the per-ticket fee.

AV: How do you think your customers view the per-ticket fee? Do you get the sense that it is something they’ve accepted like we do with airline fees and baggage charges?

David: For a long time, with the airline industry too, fees were add-ons. There was a lot of customer frustration because by the time they got to checkout, suddenly their ticket cost had increased. We only charge a per-ticket and a per-order fee. We don’t charge for print-at-home. We don’t charge for will-call. We wanted to eliminate a lot of those add-ons that we saw in other providers.

In October of 2012, SHN began blending the per-ticket fee into the stated ticket price for single ticket purchases. When adding tickets to the shopping cart, the customer gets a pop up that states ‘all listed prices include a per-ticket fee’, so it’s front-facing to the customer. SHN’s buyers now understand that stated prices include the service fee. I think that’s been great for customers and certainly clarifies our messaging to them.

AV: SHN is taking an approach that is similar to the UK with the recent ruling around the requirement to have transparency with fees. Do you see this as something that could come to North America in the future? What do you think of fee transparency?

David: I think it’s great, I do think it will happen. I think we are only one of the companies that is currently [being transparent with our fees], but I think more and more people are going to start doing it because they think transparency and openness is important to consumers.

AV: SHN has been using AudienceView for a few years now. You’ve got your ticket fee structure in place and it hasn’t changed. What would you say to an organization considering a system like AudienceView versus a different type of system? To an organization that may be hesitant to make an upfront investment?

David: Ten years ago, as a small company, it would not have been financially possible to bring our ticketing operations and service back in-house because of the mainframe that you needed just to just have a ticketing system work. Software technology evolution has totally changed that. When we decided to leave our last provider and actually explore bringing it in-house, it was because it was now financially feasible for us to do that. Now we’re fully self-sufficient, we’re not controlled by somebody else who tells us what we can or can’t do. We get to make all the decisions for our business and our customers. We are responsible for everything as far as our ticketing life is concerned. [Bringing ticketing in-house with the AudienceView partnership] has given us the flexibility to try new things and see if it works. We have a lot more ability to experiment with how we use the system and that’s challenging for us, but it’s also really exciting because we have that flexibility… [and] I do think you have to invest money to make money.

AV: I’m sure it has had a great impact on your overall customer experience as well?

David: Absolutely! Of course money and time were considerations [to bring ticketing in-house], but a real driving factor was we wanted to personally serve our customers. Before bringing this in-house with Audience View, SHN did not have a phone room in San Francisco; it was somewhere else…This distant phone room didn’t know the inner workings of our theatres and policies. Now, SHN’s staff work in physical proximity to the theatres, regularly attend shows in SHN venues and have a great feel for the experience. Therefore, the customer has a better experience because they are talking to highly trained, knowledgeable people. Again it is controlling our brand, the message and communication and that is very important to us.

AV: Thanks, David!

AudienceView Partners with Booking Protect to Offer Comprehensive Ticket Refund Protection

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – October 13, 2014AudienceView, a world leader in e-commerce software for events and entertainment organizations, and Booking Protect today announced an international partnership that will allow AudienceView clients in North and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific to offer a comprehensive refund guarantee to their customers. Booking Protect’s ‘booking protection guarantee’ is market leading, both in terms of coverage for consumers and income potential for AudienceView clients.

Customers who purchase tickets through e-commerce platforms operated by AudienceView clients are able to opt in to the ‘booking protection guarantee’ during their ticket purchase journey. Backed by an insurance contract that covers the liability of AudienceView’s clients, the product enables customers to obtain a full refund, including all service and booking fees, if they cannot attend the event for a number of reasons, including personal illness with no exclusion for pre-existing medical conditions, severe weather disruption and delays to scheduled transportation. All consumer refund requests are managed by Booking Protect’s in-house team and not outsourced to any third-party providers.

“Our partnership with Booking Protect underscores AudienceView’s ongoing efforts to add value for its clients and support the overall customer experience,” said Jeff Koets, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for AudienceView. “With Booking Protect, our clients can offer comprehensive refund protection to event and entertainment consumers for a nominal fee. We are pleased to be making this product available so that consumers can choose to protect their ticket purchase and receive a full refund for reasons covered by the refund protection product.”

“Booking Protect is pleased to have signed a strategic partnership with AudienceView, which will enable them to offer their customers a market-leading product,” said James Hastie, Director of Booking Protect. “Our team is unique in that we have experience in the ticketing sector as well as being linked to one of the most successful, award-winning insurance brokers in the UK. Combining our ticketing industry experience with our knowledge of the insurance sector has enabled us to deliver a proposition that is very attractive to both ticketing agents and the end customer.”

About Booking Protect

Booking Protect is a market leader in product development and fulfilment in the booking protection guarantee market. Booking Protect is a partnership of ticketing and IT expertise combined with award winning insurance broking services. Booking Protect aim to offer its customers products that enhance the end customer experience and provider revenue development and protection opportunities.

About AudienceView

AudienceView is a complete entertainment business solutions provider. Rapidly approaching $2 billion in annual transactions, our innovative, engaging software is helping more than 550 venues in 15 countries deliver exceptional shopping, in-venue and overall customer experiences. It also powers self-serve e-commerce, ticketing and events management portals, which can be used for events of any size or type. AudienceView was founded in 2002 and has received equity funding from the Ventures West 8 Limited Partnership fund, which remains the largest shareholder, and private investors. Learn more at, or connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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AudienceView Offers Clients Address Validation from Experian Data Quality

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – September 29, 2014AudienceView, a world leader in e-commerce software for events and entertainment organizations, is pleased to announce that it is now offering Experian Data Quality address validation to its clients. The integration will ensure the accuracy of address data captured in AudienceView, enabling clients to improve ticketing and ancillary sales transactions, customer intelligence and operational efficiency.

“Accurate customer contact information is essential to a positive customer experience across any organization,” said Thomas Schutz, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Experian Data Quality. “However, we see human error creating a large percentage of inaccurate information, which damages not only business efficiency, but also the customer’s brand perception. We are excited to bring an interactive address-validation tool to AudienceView’s clients to improve data quality throughout the customer experience.”

Experian Data Quality address validation integrates seamlessly into the AudienceView e-commerce solution. The tool collects pristine data by checking the validity of the information in real time and prompting the user for missing information as needed. This ensures only accurate address data is captured and applies postal standards so that orders can be appropriately fulfilled. Precise address data is also valuable beyond the box office, assisting marketers, service representatives and fundraisers in their efforts to reach customers and raise additional revenue.

“Our partnership with Experian Data Quality is designed to bring AudienceView clients even greater business efficiency and success,” said Jeff Koets, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for AudienceView. “We are always seeking new ways to add value for our clients. Accurate address data means mail will reach live entertainment consumers on time, promoting a better overall service experience and saving the time and cost of dealing with lost or undelivered mail.”

About Experian Data Quality

Experian Data Quality is a global leader in providing data quality software and services to organizations of all sizes. We help our clients to proactively manage the quality of their data through world-class validation, matching, enrichment and profiling capabilities. With flexible software-as-a-service and on-premise deployment models, Experian Data Quality software allows organizations around the world to truly connect with their customers by delivering intelligent interactions, every time.

Established in 1990 with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, Experian Data Quality has more than 13,500 clients worldwide in retail, finance, education, insurance, government, healthcare and other sectors. For more information, visit

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Experian Marketing Services is a global provider of integrated consumer insights and targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing. We help organizations from around the world intelligently interact with today’s dynamic, empowered and hyperconnected customers. By coordinating seamless interactions across all marketing channels, marketers are able to plan and execute superior brand experiences that deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximize profits.

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About AudienceView

AudienceView is a complete entertainment business solutions provider. Rapidly approaching $2 billion in annual transactions, our innovative, engaging software is helping more than 550 venues in 15 countries deliver exceptional shopping, in-venue and overall customer experiences. It also powers self-serve e-commerce, ticketing and events management portals, which can be used for events of any size or type. AudienceView was founded in 2002 and has received equity funding from the Ventures West 8 Limited Partnership fund, which remains the largest shareholder, and private investors. Learn more at, or connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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