Florida State University Arts Launches AudienceView


AudienceView is the new technology partner for the Florida State University (FSU) Fine Arts Ticket Office, within the School of Theatre which manages ticketing and e-commerce for ten campus organizations and departments, ten campus venues, three community organizations, visiting organizations that rent out the facilities and dozens of area venues spanning numerous genres.  FSU is located in Tallahassee, Florida’s state capital.

After an industry-wide search, FSU selected AudienceView for many reasons – among them, that the solution is comprehensive, enterprise-level right out of the box and can be easily configured to sell flexible subscription packages, series and bundles as well as public and student tickets.

AudienceView’s true shopping cart capabilities are highly valued by FSU because of the wide variety of venues and events it operates.  Tickets and donations can also be combined in the same transaction.

Donors can automatically access new benefits and entitlements in real-time after they make a donation or reach a new level of annual giving, even if the donation is still in their shopping cart.

Responsive design allows customers to complete their purchase in just a few clicks using any type of mobile device, then present their mobile tickets at the show or print them at home before the event.  The convenience of e-tickets improves the customer experience and allows FSU to sell ads and sponsorships on their digital deliveries.

All data is managed by a single database, which gives FSU a 360-degree view of patrons, customers and donors.  Data can be used to target email marketing and customize offers, upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on past buying and trends.

AudienceView is also intuitive and user friendly, so training new staff is quick and trouble-free.  This will protect FSU from the inevitable turnover of student workers as they graduate and pursue jobs in their fields.

“AudienceView is an exciting move for the Fine Arts Ticket Office. We service many different clients throughout FSU and the Tallahassee community, which require varying degrees of resources. The ability to securely limit what access users have to the back-end product has revolutionized our office. We now have the ability to give limited access to events and reporting to several departments within the School of Theatre, as well as many of our clients and presenters. We are looking forward to rolling out our subscription season for the first time online as integrated within our ticketing system; something we have not had the ability to do for the last 10+ years,” said Sarah Goodson, Director, Fine Arts Ticket Office. “The transition project team we worked with at AudienceView was absolutely amazing, and the support and relationship team we are working with post transition have been extremely helpful in assisting us in achieving our goals. I am very much looking forward to attending AVConnect with one of my graduate assistants and learning everything we can to help launch us towards a future of utilizing everything this wonderful system has to offer.”

“Our solution is an excellent fit for FSU because it allows the ticketing team to provide options for its specialized and varied constituency. AudienceView is extremely nimble, flexible for ticket sales, packaging and bundling, and easy to configure across all kinds of different events, venues and product needs,” said Jonathan Tice, Vice President, Global Sales at AudienceView.  “A lot goes into creating a great customer experience and we are delighted to be partnering with FSU to accomplish this and more in the years to come.”

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University of Toronto’s Hart House and Central Box Office Select AudienceView

AudienceView is proud to be deepening its relationship with the University of Toronto (U of T).  We’re already powering all campus community events – and later this year, U of T’s Hart House will launch AudienceView as its platform of choice to serve patrons.

Since opening in 1919, the 450-seat Hart House Theatre has served as the stomping grounds for countless professionals, including actor Donald Sutherland and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels.  Today, it is the university’s focal point for performing arts, with 1,000+ students participating each year in the venue’s extra-curricular season of drama, dance, music and film.

Hart House also handles events for venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area, both on and off campus, with capacity of up to 5,000 seats.

AudienceView rose to the top of the search process for many reasons, mainly because of the excellent alignment with the wide scope-of-use desired by Hart House.  The box office team wanted the ability to provide a 360-degree view of customer profiles by capturing all transactions and interactions in a single robust CRM, something at which AudienceView excels.

Hart House also wanted to consolidate systems into one single platform with AudienceView to drive increased efficiencies and achieve better results.  Initially, Hart House will launch ticketing and content management on AudienceView and then transition to add fundraising, class registration, email marketing and more.  Ultimately, customers and patrons will have a rich, fully unified experience.

Providing ticketing services to any size or type of venue will be easy for Hart House because AudienceView can manage services for any number of organizations in a single instance. Notably, there is no limit or specialty resourcing required to add new venues or venue layouts with AudienceView.

“We are delighted that U of T is once again placing its trust in AudienceView.  By consolidating its systems, Hart House is giving its box office team the ability to automate critical business functions and achieve incredible efficiencies,” said Jonathan Tice, Vice President of Global Sales for AudienceView.  “Staff will have more time to spend on big-picture strategies, which will advance both the theatre organization and its regional ticketing business.”