Meet your Client Success Team

A entire team of both industry and tech experts dedicated to proactively working behind the scenes to ensure you are seeing the best results with AudienceView, making sure you have the answers you need on hand.



Alexandra Perakis
Senior Client Success Manager

Alexandra has worked at AudienceView for over 10 years, starting out in sales but quickly realized her true passion is helping clients achieve their goals by leveraging our technology.


Nicole Genelly
Senior Client Success Manager

Passionate about live events, Nicole cultivates strong client relationships with a reputation built on responsiveness and integrity.


Alex Hope
Client Success Manager

Alex strives to be a difference-maker who loves all types of live events, and enjoys interacting with clients and helping them achieve their goals.


Sesha Bala
Client Success Manager

A problem-solver by nature, challenges are his forte. Sesha is passionate about connecting and building meaningful professional relationships with clients.


Kristofer Duncan
Client Success Manager

Kris is a super-friendly, humble person who loves meeting new people and takes pride in ensuring meaningful, positive client experiences.


Brooke Converse
Client Success Manager

Brooke is an enthusiastic lifelong supporter of the performing arts who loves to engage with people through laughter and levity.


Christina Austin
Client Success Manager

Christina brings relentless positivity, and the attention to detail of a performer to every interaction and is passionate about building strong client relationships.

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