Of all the things we buy as consumers, tickets to live sports and entertainment events are arguably the most social. Fans share experiences with friends as they live them – both from the game itself and in eager anticipation of the next one. Social media is  taking this social interaction to a new playing field as fans gather digitally to talk about and interact with their favorite teams. With this in mind, forward-thinking organizations like the University of Minnesota Athletics Department are blazing a trail to leverage social commerce, increase ticket sales and improve the fan experience.

According to a May 2012 Forbes article, almost 40% of event tickets go unsold each year. These empty seats equal lost revenue, and not just from tickets, but from missed in-venue sales opportunities – everything from concessions to merchandise and more. Schools are looking for new and creative ways to move unsold inventory and compete more aggressively for the discretionary income dollar.

The infographic illustrates how the University of Minnesota used the AudienceView solution to drive revenue and increase “likes” by selling tickets via Facebook during a 24-hour marketing campaign. You can read the full case study here.