Explaining the Transition Process

Welcome to the AudienceView client family!

We are so excited to welcome you to our growing list of clients that are using AudienceView to engage customers, become more efficient and increase revenue. You have joined a great community of leading organizations in every corner of the world and you will have plenty of opportunities to meet your counterparts as your use of the system evolves.

As our first step in welcoming you as our newest client, our team wants to give you a brief overview of what the transition will look like as we begin our relationship. Michael Bryce, our Chief Operating Officer, outlines how we’ll manage the implementation process with your team in the short video below.

Contact Our Team

If you have any questions about AudienceView, any of our team members are ready to hear from you.

Jo-Ann Chiam

Director, Service Delivery
Ph: 416.687.2033

Michael Bryce

Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 416.687.2112

Genevieve Jacques

Director, Customer Services
Phone: 416.687.2024

Learn How Clients Have Mastered Their Use of AudienceView

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