Film Independent Selects AudienceView

20150317_ClientAnnouncement-Images-Banner_orangeAudienceView will soon make its debut as the new technology provider of Film Independent, which produces the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Spirit Awards. A champion of independent films, the organization also hosts more than 250 other screenings and events annually, including the year-round weekly LACMA Film Series.

The fully integrated AudienceView solution will replace many of Film Independent’s legacy software packages with a single, web-based platform that integrates memberships, ticketing, festival passes, packages, fundraising and more.

AudienceView was selected following a referral from a current film festival client and because of its proven, ongoing success with similar organizations.

“We are proud to welcome Film Independent to our growing family of North American film and festival organizations,” said Maureen Andersen, Vice President of Arts and Entertainment for AudienceView. “Our single, integrated solution is providing Film Independent and its high-profile events with the modern technology needed to exceed both customer expectations and business requirements. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Film Independent, the LA Film Festival and the Spirit Awards.”

Film Independent will launch AudienceView with the sale of passes for the LA Film Festival on April 21, followed by individual tickets beginning May 19.