The AudienceView Sesame App

The AudienceView Sesame app, available for both Apple (iOS) and Android, makes event check-in a breeze. It allows event organizers to directly scan, check-in and manage attendees from a phone or tablet device. Simply log in and select your event from the app and the list of attendees will appear. With Sesame, event organizers can easily see who is in the venue and who has yet to arrive. Sesame allows event owners to scan hard copy or mobile tickets for entry. Or, they can manually check in individuals or groups as they arrive.

Full Features:

– Scan tickets using your device’s camera.
– Search for attendees by name, ticket number or order number.
– Filter your attendee list for customers who are in or out.
– Manually check-in attendees to your event.
– View a quick snapshot of sales and attendance for your event.
– Sell tickets for your event and deliver an email receipt.
– View a quick snapshot of your payments taken.