AudienceView’s Brand Guidelines

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Below you will find guidelines for using AudienceView’s brand resources. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You can download the individual assets within each section, or you can download all at once via the download button to your left.

Please direct any questions you may have to

Our Logo

The AudienceView logo is the first impression and representation of our company, our people, and our brand to the world. It is a very valuable asset and should be used in the proper, approved forms at all time.

There are two approved versions of the AudienceView logo; the standard horizontal logo (to be used whenever possible), and the vertical logo (to be used in marketing with limited space).

Horizontal Logo

2014-AV_Updated-Logo(s)_AV-Horizontal-Logo_Full-Colour (light bkgd)


Vertical Logo

2014-AV_Updated-Logo(s)_AV-Vertical-Logo_Full-Colour (light bkgd)


Depending on the application of the logo there are a few different color options to choose from.
Please use your best judgement.

Dark Background 
2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_AV Dark Background
Light/White Background
2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_AV Light-White Background
Black & White
2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_AV Black & White

When using the logo, keep at least an ‘As’ height of space in between the logotype and any other elements.

See below for examples of Dos & Don’ts for logo usage.

2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_Checkmark 2014-AV_Updated-Logo(s)_AV-Horizontal-Logo_Full-Colour (light bkgd) 2014-AV_Updated-Logo(s)_AV-Vertical-Logo_Full-Colour (light bkgd)
2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_Dont 4 2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_Dont 3 2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_Dont 2 2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_Dont 1

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Our Colors

These are AudienceView’s brand colors. Please use the color codes provided below for all branding material.


14C  3M  0Y  0K
215R  231G  247B
(PMS 545 C)

79C  29M  20Y  0K
34R  144G  178B
(PMS 7703 C)

65C  21M  27Y  3K
88R  157G  171B
(PMS 7458 C)

76C  55M  51Y  30K
63R  84G  91B
(PMS 446 C)

78C  43M  42Y  29K
51R  97G  106B
(PMS 7715 C)

89C  51M  41Y  31K
19R  84G  101B
(PMS 3165 C)

91C  64M  59Y  61K
7R  45G  51B
(PMS 5463 C)

Below is a detailed diagram of the specific colors included in the AudienceView logo.

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Our Fonts

AudienceView’s primary typeface is Myriad Pro.  If you do not have this typeface available for use, please use Arial.

Please adhere to the following sizes:

download Myriad Pro typeface

download Arial typeface

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In Writing

The ‘A’ and the ‘V’ in AudienceView are always capitalized and our company name is one word.

2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_Checkmark AudienceView





Our products should always be presented in sentence case with ‘AV’ in all capital letters (where applicable) and the product name is also capitalized.

2014-AV_Brand-Guidelines_Elements_Checkmark AV Go

AV Pro

AV Enterprise

AV Community

AVGo / av go / AV go / Av Go / aV Go / aV go

AVPro / av pro / AV pro / Av Pro / aV Pro / aV pro

AVEnterprise / av enterprise / AV enterprise / Av Enterprise / aV Enterprise / aV enterprise

AVCommunity / av community / AV community / Av Community / aV Community / aV community

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Use of Brand Materials

Our graphics, logos and product names and logos (“Brand Materials”) are proprietary and protected by Canadian, U.S. and international intellectual property laws.  By using our Brand Materials, in whole or in part, you acknowledge that AudienceView Ticketing Corporation (“AudienceView”) is the sole owner of the Brand Materials and you will not interfere with AudienceView’s rights in the Brand Materials, including challenging AudienceView’s use, registration of, or application to trademark any Brand Material, alone or in combination with other words.  You and acknowledge that goodwill derived from your use of the Brand Materials accrues only to AudienceView

Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise.

Below you will find further information on the usage of our Brand Materials.

General Usage

1. You shall not use our Brand Materials in any way that is misleading or suggests any form of sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation except pursuant to an express written trademark licence from Audience View.

2. You shall not use our Brand Materials in a way that will harm, misuse or bring into disrepute AudienceView or our Brand Materials.  You may not use our Brand Materials in a disparaging manner.

3. You shall not edit, modify or change the Brand Materials.

Education & Instruction

1. You may use our Brand Materials for educational and instructional purposes, but please keep in mind that they should not be in any way confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship.

2. Also please be sure to include the following statement in your printed materials: “[name] is not affiliated with or otherwise sponsored by AudienceView.”

Products, Websites, Names and Logos

1.  You may not employ the AudienceView name or its product names as part of your company or service’s name, website name, trade name, or product name. Do not use the AudienceView logo, or incorporate it in any way with yours.

2. Please use proper trademark notice and attribution.

a) The name AudienceView is a registered trademark in Canada and the United States and use the trademark symbol ® the first time the AudienceView trademark appears in your website or other material.  Include an attribution of AudienceView’s ownership within the credit notice section of your website or other documentation.  Following is the correct format:

AudienceView is a registered trademark of AudienceView Ticketing Corporation

b) For all other Brand Materials use the trademark symbol ™ the first time the AudienceView trademark appears in your website or other material.  Include an attribution of AudienceView’s ownership within the credit notice section of your website or other documentation.  Following is the correct format:

                          and                    are trademarks of AudienceView Ticketing Corporation.

Linking to AudienceView

If you use AudienceView, and would like to use our logo on your site, you may do so if it follows the rest of these guidelines.  For example, “We use AudienceView! [linked logo, or link near logo].”

More Questions?

Please feel free to email It helps if you send a mock-up of your intended use so that we can be specific in our response. We will do our best to respond to your inquiry ASAP, however please allow up to two weeks for us to get back to you. Please note that the absence of a response does not imply approval.

Legal Note

By using AudienceView’s brand materials, you agree to the AudienceView Terms of Service, these Guidelines, and all of AudienceView’s rules and policies, as may be updated from time to time. AudienceView may review use of its branding materials at any time, and reserves the right to terminate or modify any use, including amending or modifying these Guidelines. AudienceView will post an updated version of these Guidelines on its website and your continued use of our Brand Materials  will be deemed acceptance by you of such changes. Please keep checking our website for the latest version of these Guidelines.

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