Unobstructed: Evolution of Live Events with Andrew Thomas (EP. 21)

Nick Begley

Nick Begley

Senior Marketing Manager

Mike Evenson was joined by Andrew Thomas on episode 21 of the Unobstructed podcast. Andrew is a South Wales-based ticketing industry consultant and Director of the Ticketing Professionals Conference. In a career spanning more than 20 years, he has worked as a vendor, venue operator and consultant in both the sports and performing arts sectors.

They discussed the future of virtual events, the irreplaceable experience of in-person events, the staying power of policy shifts driven by COVID-19 and the evolving skill set of ticketing professionals.

Andrew also talked about the need for customer ease and satisfaction to be at the top of our priority lists, offered advice for furloughed ticketing professionals and urged venues and organizations to use this unfortunate industry slowdown as an opportunity to experiment.

You can follow Andrew Thomas on Twitter at @TicketTattle.

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