Unlock the CODE: Growing an Organic Social Media Audience

It’s easy to blame algorithms for reduced social media reach and stagnant follower counts. Instead, live events organizations must embrace the algorithms and unlock the CODE.

What’s the CODE? It’s a strategic framework that focuses on the importance of Creating, Optimizing, Distributing and Engaging on social media to increase the effectiveness of your social media channels.


  • Vary the content format. Produce the right variety of scroll-stopping articles, videos, photos, audio clips and memes to grab the attention of your followers.
  • Keep it interesting. A mix of content type – inspirational, educational, interactive, humorous – keeps your feed fresh.
  • Stay on brand. It’s critical that your social media is part of your larger marketing strategy, so using the same voice and branding is a must.


  • Polish your profile. Your username, core images and account bio serve as the curb appeal that generates impressions! Cleanly branded social media profiles earn credibility… and clicks.
  • Use the correct image sizes. Each social media platform is an investment of your time and effort. Take the time to properly size your media for each platform to best represent your brand. Lazily cross-posting is noticed – and not in a good way.
  • Set goals and measure your progress. Take the time to set goals for each platform and measure your progress against them. Trying new things and tracking the results will allow you to make data-driven decisions to foster growth.


  • There’s no such thing as oversharing on social media. It’s dangerous to assume that every follower you have sees every post, so don’t be shy about sharing! You should publish your content many times on each of your platforms to give yourself multiple opportunities to reach your audience.
  • Working 9-5 doesn’t work in social media. If you only post during traditional work hours, you’re missing out on many potentially valuable eyeballs. By sharing content at different times of the day and night (take advantage of scheduling tools), you can reach different personas within your customer base.
  • Leverage local influencers. Develop relationships micro-influencers to help you promote events to their loyal following. These recommendations and endorsements – often done in exchange for free tickets or a VIP experience – can mean growth in followers and revenue.


  • Ask questions. Fans and followers love to share their opinions, so give them the opportunity. The more answers (comments) on a post will result in an organic boost that results in your post appearing in more feeds.
  • Reply and share content. When a follower gets some love from a brand, their affinity is sure to grow. An occasional back and forth goes a long way.
  • Make it fun. Challenge your followers with theater trivia or ask them to tell you their favorite Broadway show using only emojis. (Share the best ones!)

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