Igniting Passion & Cultivating Loyalty

Nick Begley

Nick Begley

Senior Marketing Manager

Arts organizations are in the business of producing memorable audience experiences. These no longer start with the curtain rising or end after the last note. Today, they are born from event discovery on your website through until an attendee raves about their experience to friends.

On top of showcasing stellar arts programming, your organization’s patron engagement must be positive, personal and in keeping with your organization’s personality. In order to attract, retain and grow your customer base, you must thoughtfully transport your audience members from moment to moment throughout the entire customer journey.

Ultimately, long-term loyalty is cultivated by putting your audience at the center of everything you do because all patrons feel more valued when they receive individual, personalized information and offers.

The AudienceView portfolio of solutions helps more than 9,000 venues deliver a customer-centric approach where patrons feel valued and appreciated – from their initial ticket purchase or donation through subsequent marketing campaigns, future events, subscriptions, memberships and major gifts.

To learn more, download our definitive guide: The Art of Creating a Passionate and Loyal Audience

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