AudienceView Managed Services v2.0

What is Managed Services?

AudienceView’s Managed Services Program will help you achieve your business’ goals by collaborating with you to ensure you are getting the most out of our powerful platform. With a range of flexible options, we can work together to develop a plan of action that best fits your business’ unique needs.

Managed Services can help get your system configured in a way that works specifically for your organization by: doing the work for you, coaching you as you work, or providing you with training so you can do the work yourself. Most Managed Services requests fit into one of three categories: configurationtraining and mini-projects.

How much time do I get with my subscription?

Our packages are flexible so you can purchase the number of hours you think you’ll need and use them however you like. Your Customer Success Manager can help you decide how many hours are appropriate based on your needs. If you find you’re running low, you can always add more hours. Unused hours do not carry over term year to term year.


If you need to configure or accomplish specific tasks in AudienceView, and just do not have the time or in-house resources, we can help. We can do this work for you based on your specifications or we can coach you while you complete these tasks yourself, allowing you to learn as you work.

Here are examples of the kind of tasks we can do for you:

PerformancesCreation of new events including performances, price charts, and calendars.
VenuesCreation of new venues including seat map images, screens, sections and seats.
BundlesCreation of bundles to sell performances and other items as required.
Ticket Templates
Creation of ticket templates including ticket information, background image, and conditional elements as required.
RenewalsCreation of renewals in utilities. Renew previous orders into offers or new orders; update existing orders to add or remove performances; batch refund a cancelled event.
Standard report setup and schedulingReports saved with output and criteria set as required. Reports scheduled to send to listed recipients as required.
Business IntelligenceBI queries built as per business requirement and saved for reuse. BI queries scheduled to send to listed recipients as required.
Correspondence TemplatesCreation of email templates, for example newsletters, upcoming events, show reminders and thank you emails. Configuration of message content such as images, text, and dynamic fields, and configuration of BI queries to identify recipients.
Content ManagementCreation of sites and microsites. Creation of articles including text, images, widgets, and performance listings as appropriate.
RenewalsCreation of renewals in utilities. Renew previous orders into offers or new orders; update existing orders to add or remove performances; batch refund a cancelled event.
ProgramsCreation of program, funds, and associated gifts for fundraising campaigns.
Tax ReceiptsCreation and execution of tax receipts and thank you letter templates.


AudienceView Managed Services are also available for training sessions that can help you move from novice to power user, or they can introduce you to a part of the platform completely new to you.

Here are some examples of training programs we can provide:

  • Running renewals for the first time? We’ll show you how it works and what the options are.
  • Struggling to write Business Intelligence queries? We can help you get started or go into detail on some of BI’s advanced and little-known features.
  • Has a new recruit started in your organization who has never used AudienceView before? We can give them introductory training.
    We can give them introductory training.
  • Like the look of something you’ve seen at another venue? We may be able to help you implement it as well.
  • Think there may be functionality in the system you’re not using? Let us demo it for you.


If you have bigger ambitions but are unsure how to achieve them or cannot find the time, we can help you complete those using your Managed Services hours.

Here are some examples of mini-projects we can help you achieve:

  • Selling subscription and season ticket packages online for the first time.
  • Creating microsites so that you have a dedicated and fully branded ticketing site for a specific event or purpose.
  • Implementing access control and scanning tickets on either dedicated scanners or mobile devices.
  • Setting up Point of Sale to process your gift shop, merchandise stalls, cafe and bar sales through AudienceView.

Can I request other items not on this list?

The lists above are intended to give you ideas of what can be achieved with Managed Services. If you have other ideas in mind, let us know what your requirements are and we’ll do our best to help.

How do I schedule Managed Services time?

Once you’ve purchased Managed Services hours, you can submit requests on our AVConnect site in the same way you’d submit a support case. Just choose ‘Managed Services Request’ as the Case Type and give us as much detail regarding your request as possible.

How do I purchase Managed Services or add more hours?

You can contact your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to arrange this for you.

Last Updated:
 October 30, 2019

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