Digonex dynamic pricing solutions equip businesses to optimize pricing by detecting and responding to changes in demand. Their mission is to empower you to grow revenue without sacrificing your customers’ loyalty and without giving up control of your pricing strategy.

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Here are some reasons AudienceView customers love Digonex:

Proven – Their team of PhD Economists create a customized solution that automatically recommends prices to help achieve your organization’s goals.

Efficient – No more spending hours crunching numbers; Digonex automates the process of implementing your dynamic pricing strategy. Their algorithms do work of gathering data, analyzing patterns, and determining the right price so that you have more time to focus on your business

Safe – You maintain complete control. No price is ever published until approved by you.

Easy to Use – Price recommendations based on more factors than sellout percentage. All price recommendations are presented to you in SEATS, Digonex’s web-based pricing portal. You can review, approve and/or modify prices in minutes with the click of a button. Additionally, projected revenue and attendance per performance/game is updated daily.

What is the Official AudienceView Partnership Ecosystem?
Automated Dynamic Pricing
In Conversation: Greg Loewen, CEO, Digonex