Vaccine Status Verification with Checkout Questions

It’s no secret that many consumers are choosing to spend their entertainment dollars on the events that they feel most safe attending.

Findings in our latest COVID-19 Impact Report indicate that safety protocols like mask wearing and vaccinations are still very important to theatergoers. More than half (56.4%) of those surveyed stated that they would not attend an event that doesn’t require patrons to wear masks. And vaccination was the overwhelming choice for the safety protocol considered the most important by those surveyed.

Further, most people don’t trust the honor system when it comes to vaccination. 54.3% of survey respondents stated that they refuse to attend events that don’t require attendees to show proof of vaccination.

Prove it!

WP Theater, the nation’s oldest and largest theater company dedicated to developing, producing and promoting the work of women and trans theater artists, is currently selling tickets to Welcome Home. This special choose-your-own adventure audio tour takes attendees through spaces not typically accessible to the public, such as the backstage areas, dressing rooms and the stage itself. Up to four audience members at a time are invited to explore what makes them feel at home in this theater space on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

But not just anyone can experience this look behind the curtains. WP Theater requires their attendees to be fully vaccinated and to show proof of vaccination at their time of entry into the venue.

The event description page clearly states that the theater will be open to limited-capacity audiences with proof of vaccination required for purchase and entry. They also share that all staff are fully vaccinated and will be masked throughout the event.

The theater, which uses AudienceView Professional to sell tickets online for this event, requires guests to attest that they (and all members of their party) are fully vaccinated and agree to present proof of vaccination and a government-issued photo ID upon arrival at the event. The initial self-certification, which is a step in the buyer journey after a customer adds tickets to their shopping cart, is accomplished by using the integrated Checkout Questions functionality.

Since WP Theater set this as a required field, it is mandatory for all ticket buyers to agree to the statement before continuing to review their order and complete the purchase.

By incorporating this step in the ticket purchase flow, WP Theater makes their policy very clear for attendees and avoids customer service issues on the day of the event.

AudienceView Professional’s integrated CRM allows for the staff at WP Theater to view answers to Checkout Questions by order, by event or through robust reports that can be exported to CSV or Excel. If they need to view a specific order’s answers, they can do this easily from the Questions tab on the order details page.  

More about Checkout Questions

  • Set the item type(s). Display the question for all purchases or when selected items like tickets, packages, products or donations are added to the cart.
  • Set the sales channel(s). Select Web when you want a question asked during an online purchase or Box Office when an item is purchased through QuickSell+. Or choose to ask the question on both channels.
  • Set the answer format. Select free text or multiple choice for each individual question asked.
  • Required or optional? Within each sales channel, you have the option to set if the question is ‘required’ by ticking the check box. This will force the patron to provide an answer before proceeding with payment.
  • Get easy access to robust reporting. Answers can be viewed by order, by event or through reports that can be exported to CSV or Excel.

Beyond asking for vaccine status, Checkout Questions can be used for many different purposes – from capturing information about how people heard about an event to verifying the age of a customer for 21+ events to food allergies for dinner theatres.

Watch this short video to learn more about our Checkout Questions functionality:

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