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Coffee & Donuts To Start Your Day? Try Pie (Charts) Instead.

Quick question for you. When you get to work, what is the first thing you do? If it’s to check your email, you’re not alone. The majority of business and organizational leaders look at their inbox before they do anything else, which isn’t always the most productive way to start your day according to Forbes. I’m […]

10 Ways to Increase Operational Efficiency in College Athletics

1. A single, integrated system keeps the entire external team in the know. Collaborate with colleagues in other departments on shared campaigns, like season ticket renewals, promotional packages and fundraising campaigns without adding work to your plate. 2. Make the right offer to the right fan at the right time. With all customer information stored in one […]

Finding the Sweet Spot When Asking for Donations

When the athletics box office and Performing Arts Center box office at Cal Poly consolidated into a single location, Ryan Gruss was faced with an interesting opportunity. His work on the performing arts side saw Ryan bring in donations at an average of $50, thanks mostly to a pop-up that asked buyers if they wanted […]

The Apple Approach to the Customer Experience

Not that Apple. While we have and will continue to learn a great deal about the customer experience from Apple the company, I’m talking about the actual fruit. I recently read a story in the Washington Post that explained in great detail how a small, but clever, tweak to how apples are sold has increased […]

Magical Experiences at INTIX

Live entertainment is all about experiences and we can’t wait to experience the magic of the 37th Annual INTIX Conference with you! AudienceView is proud to be a returning gold-level sponsor of the annual conference.  And, we’re super-excited that this year’s destination is the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. In keeping with our commitment to the […]

5 Tips to Improve your Digital Curb Appeal

Thanks to HGTV, we all know that curb appeal is important when selling a house. A green lawn, healthy hanging plants, freshly painted front door and other finishing touches capture the attention of prospective buyers as they approach for a viewing. In real estate, curb appeal is micro-content that leads to macro-content – the inside […]

Journey to AVConnect 2016 in the Emerald City

Dorothy’s journey along the yellow brick road to the Emerald City is a classic story of a quest for more. Joined by Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and her trusty dog Toto (too), Dorothy and her friends are seeking more courage, more heart, more intelligence and more meaning. The parallel to our AudienceView community is […]

The ‘Undercover Customer’ Challenge

Going ‘undercover’ to experience your business from a different perspective isn’t new. If you don’t watch Undercover Boss – a TV show in which “high-level corporate execs leave the comfort of their offices and secretly take low-level jobs within their companies to find out how things really work and what their employees truly think of […]

Six Employee Orientation Must-Do’s For The New Season

Unless you work in a sports or arts organization that has its peak in the summer months, you are now gearing up for the big season opener and wrapping up your to-do list, ensuring every small detail has been planned as you welcome your audiences and fans back into your venues. Summer is a great […]

Customer Experience Data Drives Key Decisions

There have been countless articles and blog posts written about Uber since it was founded in 2009. The app-based ridesharing service has grown quickly – it now operates in 58 countries and 300 cities (as of May 2015). When I think of Uber, the first word that comes to mind is disruption. Without a doubt, […]

Marketing Your Fundraising Properties

Fundraising and marketing departments are some of the biggest friends and foes in the live event industry. They often work side by side and share resources, but it can quickly become a competition if marketers become concerned about cannibalizing ticket sales because of too many donation campaigns, and vice versa for your development team. Those […]

Dealing With Five Generations in the Workplace

For the 2015 Arts Reach Canada Conference in Toronto, Maureen Andersen and I explored the implications of having five generations in the workplace. It’s the first time ever that these generations have all worked side by side, making this an exciting era for managers in any industry. During our project kick-off meeting, Maureen (a Boomer) […]

Micro-Moments: From Skeptic to Believer

It took just a couple of days to transform me from a micro-moments skeptic into a believer. Here’s how it happened… Scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I saw – then clicked on – a promoted Tweet from Google AdWords (@adwords).  It read: “Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands.” I spent the next 30 minutes educating […]

14 NACDA Networking Tips

This blog post is authored by Trip Durham, NACMA Past President and Founder and CEO of 2D Consulting, LLC. Trip can be reached at trip@2DConsultingLLC.com and followed on Twitter @2DConsultingLLC. Hi, I’m Trip. Nice to meet you. On Saturday, June 13 you will pack your bags, readying yourself to attend the annual National Association of Collegiate Directors of […]

Crowdsourcing – 17 Networking Tips

The convenience of technology has changed the way we interact with each other, both professionally and personally. Our mobile data plans are far more important than the number of minutes we have each month. Most of us spend much more time emailing, texting, Tweeting and ‘liking’ than we do chatting on the phone or in […]

AudienceView Trendsetter: Catching Up with Minnesota’s Chad Rasmussen

Recognized as an innovator and early adopter, the University of Minnesota (U of M) has been an AudienceView partner since 2006.  The school uses the AudienceView solution across its entire campus, for both athletics and arts. We recently spoke with Chad Rasmussen, Director of Sales and Service, to learn about his career, Minnesota’s ongoing success […]

Message on a Bottle

By: Nick Begley, Senior Marketing Manager at AudienceView I’m not embarrassed to admit that I shared a Coke. I bought a Courtney for my wife and a Nick to complete our Coke couple. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck in my hunt for Landon or Camryn – the names of my son and daughter – so I’ll […]

The Continuing Demise of the Home Page

I’m a homeowner, but don’t have a key to my own house. Well, I’m sure I could dig around and come up with one, but I don’t ever carry one.  To get inside, I open the automatic garage door and enter through an inside door.  I’ve done so every day in my nearly four years […]

We’ve Always Done It This Way

Many of us have social media friends who flood our Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline with inspirational quotes. This typhoon of inspiration usually leaves me uninspired and annoyed. But I did recently stumble upon a quote that stopped me in my tracks: The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it […]

Images on Twitter – Size Does Matter

As cliché as it sounds, the only constant in social media marketing is change. We discussed the ever-changing landscape that is Facebook advertising in a February blog post and video hangout. While perhaps less obvious than Facebook ads, Twitter is in the advertising game too. Recently, Twitter has made a number of changes to the […]

The Inevitable Price Hike

My name is Nick and I’m an Amazon Prime member. And I’ve been addicted to the service since I joined on November 28, 2012. Last week, I received an email from “The Amazon Prime Team,” with the following subject line – Amazon.com Customer: Upcoming Changes To Your Prime Membership. I was fairly sure this was […]