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AudienceView, leader mondial en billetterie, annonce l’acquisition de UniversityTickets

Cette acquisition renforce le portfolio et le positionnement de la compagnie dans le domaine de l’éducation collégiale et universitaire. TORONTO, Ontario – 1er octobre 2019 — AudienceView, chef de file mondial des fournisseurs de service de billetterie dans le domaine de l’événementiel et du divertissement, a fait l’acquisition de UniversityTickets, une compagnie basée à New-York […]


When it comes to season brochures, everyone in your organization has a stake. For the artistic department, it is a record of everything they are putting on stage, documenting what historians will refer to in the near and distant future. So, those photos better be good! From the perspective of the development team, it’s a […]

Making the Most of Performing Arts ‘Dump Months’

In almost every area of the entertainment and events industry, there is at least one time of year that is less than optimal for engaging audiences. In TV, many long-running series get cancelled after being moved to the Friday Night Death Zone. Remember Prison Break and Ugly Betty? Early July is the timeout period for […]

The Importance of Volunteers – Your Best Customers

This week in North America, non-profits are celebrating National Volunteer Week with those who give up their time to contribute to their organizations. Like many people, I am a regular volunteer for causes I care about and have had the pleasure of going to a couple parties this week in celebration of National Volunteer Week. […]