7 Things Patrons Expect in 2017

In 2016, we surveyed our clients to find out where they see patron expectations trending in 2017, and how they plan on using technology to stay one step ahead of what their guests request. Here are the top seven on their must-have list:

1. A Mobile & Responsive Website Design

As technology allows consumers to purchase experiences from their phone or tablet, the buying journey for your guests and patrons should be the same whether they’re making the purchase on their desktop computer or their mobile device. That’s why having a responsive website is imperative for a successful performing arts organization.

2. Personalized Communication

Gone are the days of communicating with all your guests by using the same boilerplate message. Now that marketing automation allows for every touch-point you have with your customers to be personalized, you can connect with patrons based on their location, member profile, or even viewing history.

3. Timely Updates

In a world where everyone has access to information, there’s no excuse for leaving your guests and patrons in the dark. Email notifications can be triggered to remind them of the show time, a change in the casting, or a new offer at the concession stand!

4. Online Access to Member Benefits

The right technology now allows you to remove most lags in gratifying your patrons and guests – and one key way to entice more people to sign up and renew membership commitment is through unlocking benefits like special pricing, preferred seating, and advanced access to performances online, and in real-time.

5. Full Transparency of Information

Today’s patron wants all of the information relevant to her to be simply displayed somewhere that’s accessible. By displaying information online about the show, cast, run times, and parking information on your website, you’re empowering patrons to make the decision that best suits them.

6. Making the Online Experience as Accessible as the In-Person Experience

Patrons shouldn’t have to show up in person to buy season tickets, renew tickets, or send tickets to a friend. By making your online offers appealing and accessible, you can make the process of becoming a member or a donor more frictionless than ever.

7. Consistent and Excellent Customer Service from Website to Box Office to Ushers

Whenever you’re talking to a patron, you should be able to quickly access their profile in order to provide the best customer service possible. Ensuring that all your staff has easy and quick access to the patrons’ profiles will guarantee a warm and loyalty-inspiring experience – from purchase to curtain!

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